Brunswick Steel was established in 1971 and is currently a full-service steel center based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Brunswick Steel is committed to provide customers with products and services meeting and exceeding their expectations. Therefore, Quality is a top priority reflected in the company mission statement:

The only choice for Quality Service.

A Quality Management System is established to support Continual Improvement and provide a framework for measurement, analysis, improvement and performance monitoring of the processes.

Brunswick Steel commits to comply with all the requirements and regulations and Continually Improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

As part of the commitment to ensure quality of products and services, Brunswick Steel implements progressive and time proven quality assurance methods which are reflected in stable and repeatable internal processes.

To guarantee alignment of actions and goals the Quarterly Strategic Plan is cascaded through all the levels of the company, from top management to every employee.

Brunswick Steel is focused on Continual Improvement efforts by;

  1. Measurable Quality Objectives, derived from top level business goals,
  2. Regular collection and monitoring of Customer Feedback,
  3. Use of Supplier Quality Assurance process in selection and performance monitoring of supply chain,
  4. Internal Audit and Management Review processes,
  5. Issuing Corrective Action Requests to critical non-conformities,
  6. Control of Non-Conforming products and services through recording, root cause analysis and improvement planning processes,
  7. Maintaining of Training Matrix and Training Plans for employees,
  8. Communication of relevant information to all the employees of the company,

As a company we believe that quality is the responsibility of every employee and embedding quality into our processes is the single most important task leading to the continued success of our customers and as a result an increased market share for Brunswick Steel.

Justin Copp