John Deere Sprayer

To produce a custom extension attachment for a John Deere sprayer.

Project Type Steel & Concrete Structure
Location South Winnipeg

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Our client needed a custom part to slide over a John Deere sprayer arm to extend its range. We helped develop the CAD drawings, acquire materials and cut and form the new piece once samples were approved.


The plan had multiple intricate bends and it needed to fit over an existing piece of equipment, which made this project quite challenging regarding design. The samples, created using 11 ga sheet, needed to be adjusted multiple times to ensure a proper fit. Our CAD team tweaked the drawings in communication with our brake operator and the customer to meet all requirements.


Both our client and his end-use customers are extremely satisfied with the finished part. End-users continue to order the new part and after multiple check-ins, our client has assured us that each new part has worked just as well as the first one.

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Project Type Steel & Concrete Structure
Location South Winnipeg

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