Scotsmun Steel

Support the growth of a small steel shop into one of the largest steel distribution centres in the Virden/Brandon area.

Project Type Steel & Concrete Structure
Location South Winnipeg

The only choice for quality service.


We set out to help Scotsmun Steel, a small steel shop, become a major steel supplier in the Virden/Brandon area. To help them grow, we maintained constant communication and went to great lengths to ensure the customer paid the best price possible to remain competitive.


In an aggressive marketplace, we were often bidding on the same jobs as other suppliers. We truly went the extra mile in accommodating large orders at days’ end and kept the client aware of all price increases/decreases before they were implemented. This helped us build a strong level of trust, while keeping the relationship profitable for both the client and Brunswick Steel.


We have formed a strong working relationship with our customer and we have been able to watch their massive growth, including shop expansion and increased sales. The customer knows where he started and where he is today and is happy with the outcome and relationship built along the way.

Project Type Steel & Concrete Structure
Location South Winnipeg

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